Creating agricultural space to listen, learn and share ideas.
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Harrison & Hetherington formed Farmstock Futures in 2020 with the purpose of engaging the new generation working within farming and the wider agricultural sector across the UK.

The aim of which was to gain an insight into the thoughts and ideas of the current generation and their future career and industry sector aspirations; the challenges they perceive along the way within farming and Agri business and what type of support they would be looking for with their own development.

Through a qualitative research and consultation programme during 2020 a group of individuals were chosen to feed back their thoughts and from this the first Farmstock Future key themes emerged around education, technology, mental health and wellbeing and bringing a collective voice to a growing and diverse agricultural sector.

Farmstock Futures is now an ongoing programme recruiting individuals from across England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland building a network and community of voices to be heard and where knowledge can be shared, so that together we can shape the future of the agricultural sector.