New Rural Schemes & Grants Update Webinar
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H&H Land & Estates discuss the latest rural grants and schemes available to farmers and landowners and give their expert advice via a Webinar on Thursday 25th August at 7.00pm

About this event

With a focus on the Sustainable Farming Incentive, David Morley (Head of Environment & Conservation for H&H Land & Estates) will discuss the new schemes and grants that are available now to farmers and landowners.  They will also look forward and discuss the future of farming in Northern England and what subsidies are available to support farmers and landowners.

Sarah Radcliffe (Forestry & Woodland Manager at H&H Land & Estates) will discuss woodland planning grants including the English Woodland Creation Offer and why these grants are worthwhile considering for landowners.

H&H Land & Estates will conclude the session with an opportunity for questions to their panel about any of the schemes and grants discussed, or chance for a wider conversation around the future of farming and the Agricultural Transition Plan.

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