Georgia's Story
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Here at H&H we first met Georgia Hunter, who has made a name for herself as a goat farmer, when she agreed to become a speaker in a specialist webinar ‘Fit for the Future’ hosted by ourselves in November.  Georgia gave an excellent talk from the younger generation perspective.

Georgia started the goat enterprise on the family farm at Piper Hole, Ravenstonedale, a traditional hill farm set on the borders of the Westmorland Dales and the Yorkshire Dales National Park. The farm is 'holistically' managed and has been for several generations, there are no artificial inputs.

Georgia is determined to add as much value to the product and, as well as running the growing meat business – Capra Meats - she is producing soap from the milk.

She started her own business selling goat meat as a separate enterprise alongside the family dairy farm, after securing a business loan from the Prince’s Trust. This funding helped get her enterprise off the ground and was followed by her pursuit of an apprenticeship course in agriculture at Newton Rigg College, reaching a Level 4 qualification.

During the H&H webinar Georgia reflected on her diversification journey so far, which she believes is key to moving forward and delivering a successful future for farming.  She looks to continue her holistic approach to farming and sustainability and offered advice on how young farmers can get the confidence and support they need to make a business commercially viable.  You can visit Piper Hole Goat Farm here